The Benefits of Staying Enrolled in Swim Lessons Year-Round - For Kids of All Ages

When kids are little, most parents prioritize swim lessons and teaching their kids water safety. After all, drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4 among preventable injuries, according to But what about once kids can successfully float and swim back to the wall? Swim lessons are beneficial for your older kids too. There are many benefits to kids continuing in swim lessons and learning the four swim strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 

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Learning Proper Strokes Helps with Recreational Swimming

Did you know that over 90 million Americans go swimming every single year? With that many swimmers, it's easy to understand why swimming is the fourth most popular recreational sport in the country, according to the CDC. Now that summer is in full swing, we wanted to go over a couple of reasons why learning proper swim strokes can help anyone when they're swimming for fun! 

So, whether you're heading to your neighborhood pool or taking a trip to the coast, it's important to know proper swim strokes to keep you safe, energized, and having the most fun out there! 

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Getting Ready for National Learn to Swim Day

The third Saturday of May is recognized as National Learn to Swim Day, a holiday first celebrated in 2012 in order to bring awareness to the importance of getting kids comfortable with swimming as early as possible. At Atlanta Swim Academy, we take pride in using tried and true methods for helping kids get accustomed to the water and learning proper water safety! 

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Know Your Swim Goals for 2023

The start to a new year can be refreshing for many of us. Whether you've got a couple resolutions for the new year, you're looking for a reset, or setting some new goals, then January is a wonderful time to get started!One of the most important factors when thinking about your fitness and social goals when it comes to swimming, and choosing a swim ...

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Life Skills Through Swim Skills

Swimming is not only an essential life skill that can keep you safe, but it is also an incredibly enjoyable activity and a great way to get some exercise. Did you know that just 30 minutes of swimming can burn 250 calories on average? It even has great benefits for your spine's health and can strengthen muscles all over your body! Aside from all of...

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Culture of Safety at Atlanta Swim Academy

The culture of safety here at Atlanta Swim Academy is deeply rooted in our daily operations. From instructor training to fun swim lessons to leadership development - our daily structure and program are dedicated to being safe in and around the water. We know our swim families expect the highest standards of protection and well-being when receiving ...

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What is the ASA Way?

Learning to swim is an important part of your child's development and trying to track down safe, trustworthy instruction shouldn't feel like jumping in the deep end. Atlanta Swim Academy is a family-owned business that has been leading the learn-to-swim industry for over 30 years, all thanks to what makes them different – the ASA Way. 1. Safety Fir...

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Safe Summer Practices

With the warm weather making its way in, everyone is excited to make their way back into the water. We're all for it! Before you dust off your fins and goggles (unless you've been swimming with us year-round), we want to make sure safety is at the top of your list, just like it is on ours!  Here's a few tips on keeping days in the water fun an...

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Swimming in a Pandemic: How Atlanta Swim Academy Creates a Stress-Free Activity for Your Little Swimmers!

 Our little ones' lives were upended almost a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, canceled parties, and extracurricular activities. Young children dealt with massive routine changes and lost opportunities for socialization and exploration. How were we going to stay social, stay connected? How were we going to keep up a fulfi...

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How Swim Lessons Could Help Your Child in the Age of COVID

Did you know that drowning is the single leading cause of death for kids ages 1-4 and is one of the top causes of death for teens? As a swim school, we are acutely aware of how dangerous it can be for a child not to have the proper skills to prevent themselves from drowning. With many children being home from school and parents being distracted by ...

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A “Dive” into Our History

Our beginning was simple. We were just a family with a passion who wanted to share our excitement with our community. We always loved the water and at a young age, I earned my SCUBA dive certification when I was 9 years old, which further spurred my family's love of all things SCUBA and swimming. That's when my parents decided they wanted to ventur...

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Perks of New Swim Instructors

 As a parent, you have likely had dozens of teachers as you worked your way through schooling. You were probably taught history, math, English, and other subjects with a handful of other instructors. Each teacher had something new to offer you –new information, new energy, new rules, and this was a completely normal part of your schooling expe...

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Swimming Tips: Relax!

Swimming is a great activity that so many people enjoy. However, it also is an incredibly complex sport when you get into learning form and technique. While there's a lot to learn, one of the hardest parts is figuring out how to relax in the water. Sounds simple, right? Maybe not as simple as you would like to think. If you've been swimming for yea...

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When to Start Swim Lessons: Benefits of Starting Young

As with most things in life, there are many opinions as to what age children should start swim lessons. We want to offer the benefits of starting your children with swim lessons young and our philosophy as to why we are overjoyed to see parents bringing future little swimmers for swim classes. Ultimately, it's the choice of the parent to decide wha...

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Dry Drowning Debunked

You may have heard of stories about children experiencing a potential drowning incident, appearing to have not suffered any serious complications, only to stop breathing hours or maybe even a week after the original incident. This event has been labeled "dry drowning" or "secondary drowning" and has spread across social media like wildfire on more ...

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Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

Swimming is often thought to be just a summer activity but that isn't always true! For this reason, Atlanta Swim Academy, along with so many other facilities, have indoor pools open throughout the year. Swimming is a year-round sport and children are likely to experience significant benefits from taking advantage of this activity more than just a f...

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November 2019 Employee of the Month is...

We would like to congratulate our ASA November 2019 Employee Of The Month Dylan Villhauer!!Dylan is a reliable team player who has been picking up shifts left and right, and is always looking for proactive ways to solve problems. Dylan's positivity at the desk and problem solving has been awesome. ASA is proud to have Dylan on our team!! 

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October 2019 Employee of the Month is...

We would like to congratulate our ASA October 2019 Employee Of The Month MJ Hoffman!!MJ is a team player, displays all of ASAs core values, picks up shifts, always willing to learn, positive attitude and has grown into a leadership position in a short amount of time!ASA is proud to have MJ on our team!! When you have a minute please congratulate MJ...

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September 2019 Employee of the Month is...

We would like to congratulate our ASA September 2019 Employee Of The Month Annslee Loffert!!Annslee's upbeat approach to classes keep things FUN! She is respectful when talking to kids, parents and ASA co-workers. Plus, she is constantly picking up shift to help out and make sure swimmers continue to learn. We know we can expect a great shift when ...

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A note from our Swim Program Manager:

Plan for a Great Trip! As we help grow young swimmers to be safer in and around water, there are many safety lessons that carry over into our daily lives. As we enter into the beautiful fall season in our corner of Georgia, many of you will venture out onto local lakes and other bodies of water. Thinking of all the fun you will have on these trips ...

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