Life Skills Through Swim Skills

Swimming is not only an essential life skill that can keep you safe, but it is also an incredibly enjoyable activity and a great way to get some exercise. Did you know that just 30 minutes of swimming can burn 250 calories on average? It even has great benefits for your spine's health and can strengthen muscles all over your body!

Aside from all of those amazing benefits, swimming is a great activity to build life skills. Taking swimming lessons during childhood can foster a well-rounded foundation of skills – ranging from social skills, building self-esteem, and increasing confidence. Swimming is even a good way to encourage kids to build friendships that they can use later on, whether that's on a swim team or at your neighborhood pool.

Building Self-Esteem

Self Esteem – "Confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect"

When receiving swimming instruction, there are many milestones and goals to set. These can be anything from swimming a certain distance to learning a new technique or stroke. As we accomplish these goals, we begin to build self-esteem. This is a way to show young swimmers how to become confident in their abilities to learn new skills, using a physical activity to improve mental health. Building self-esteem is a much-needed step in approaching relationships. In order to feel confident around others, swimmers will need to feel good about themselves first.

Increasing Confidence

Confidence – "the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust"

Confidence and childhood are often something that go hand in hand. It's important to practice healthy methods of building confidence early on, and by learning to swim, children learn to compete against themselves. Swimming allows them to learn independently to improve their own skills first, which builds confidence about themselves going forward. 

Learning Social Skills

Teamwork – "the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient."

While swimming may seem like an individual activity, it can actually be a fantastic way to build social skills and learn the value of teamwork with peers. Taking that first step in swimming requires a great deal of trust, and building trust with your instructors and peers can encourage relationships to build quickly. Surrounding a child with other children who are aiming to accomplish and set the same goals is a great way to see the rewards of your peers' hard work. Encouraging children to work well as a team and accomplish their individual goals at the same time is crucial in building strong social skills in life. 

About ASA

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