A note from our Swim Program Manager:

Plan for a Great Trip!

As we help grow young swimmers to be safer in and around water, there are many safety lessons that carry over into our daily lives. As we enter into the beautiful fall season in our corner of Georgia, many of you will venture out onto local lakes and other bodies of water. Thinking of all the fun you will have on these trips reminds me of one safety lesson, "Know About Boating, Before You Go Floating." This lesson teaches us to communicate a plan with those on the trip and those waiting for your return, as well as packing essentials like sunscreen, water, rope, proper fitting Coast Guard approved life jackets, first aid kits and more. Consider your plan for Labor Day weekend and Fall Break, and be sure to prepare for a wonderful time, by being prepared for the challenges along the way. We would love to see you being safer in and around the water, so share your favorite vacation photo and tag us #ASAFamily #AtlantaSwimAcademy 

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Saturday, 22 June 2024