Culture of Safety at Atlanta Swim Academy

The culture of safety here at Atlanta Swim Academy is deeply rooted in our daily operations. From instructor training to fun swim lessons to leadership development - our daily structure and program are dedicated to being safe in and around the water. We know our swim families expect the highest standards of protection and well-being when receiving the life-saving service of swim lessons.

One of the ways ASA keeps high safety standards is by upholding the required Minimum Membership Standards to be a part of the United States Swim School Association (USSSA).

Atlanta Swim Academy is a proud and active member of the USSSA and has been for ten years. ASA's owner has been on the Board of Directors for the association, and our management team attends yearly conferences, webinars, and training.

USSSA Minimum Membership Standards

 Swim School Owner(s) are background checked

  • Background checks are performed on all staff over 18
  • At least one CPR/First Aid Certified individual is in the facility during hours of operation
  • Life-saving equipment and first aid supplies are easily accessible and replenished as needed (equipment may include a rescue tube or ring buoy; shepherd's crook or reaching pole; spineboard; automated external defibrillator; gloves; breathing masks)
  • No more than 1 to 6 ratio for beginner or intermediate swim lessons when a parent is not present in the water (recommend 1 to 4 ratio or less)
  • An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) has been developed to meet the needs of your swim school
  • Instructors receive formal training that should include first aid, proper supervision during swim lessons, bloodborne pathogens, abuse prevention, emergency action plans, reducing fear and anxiety, child development related to teaching swim, and the importance of a positive learning environment
  • Provide proof of insurance for learn to swim program

ASA far exceeds these minimum standards as it is just one layer of protection we implement. We inject safe practices into everything: training, facility maintenance, leadership development, and daily meetings before and after every shift! Safety is in our DNA!

Below are some examples of how ASA keeps a Culture of Safety!

Safe Instructors and Staff

4 Tiered Instructor Training Program

  • Online Learning - all new instructors are required to complete a 3-hour online training course with tests
  • 11 Training Shifts - averaging 50 hours of hands-on experiential training
  • In-shift training modules designed to cover specific details
  • Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR certification for Swim Program Staff

  • Ongoing Staff Development Sessions (we like to call it a "Dev Sesh") - ensuring we always practice safety scenarios, renew, and update our staff.
  • Deck Staff on deck throughout the swim lesson shift (certified in Lifeguard and First
  • Aid/CPR - an extra set of trained staff watching lessons)
  • Leadership Team - bi-monthly meetings to review standards, processes, and practice safety scenarios
  • Constant internal communication with headsets among Deck Staff and Management
  • Shift meetings before and after each swim lesson shift 

Safe Program Features

  • 36 years of providing the service of swim lessons - ASA has a wealth of knowledge and best practices that have been steeped in over 30 years of keeping kids safe in and around the water
  • ASA Management Team has a lifetime of aquatic and pool safety experience
  • Parents sit on the deck, no barrier between parents and the swim lesson
  • Max of 4 students to one instructor
  • Lesson structure requires safe practices such as clear directions, and safe pacing
  • Distinct safety skills are required for children to graduate to the next level - for example - requiring a Guppy to be able to grab the wall and climb out before they graduate.
  • In-lesson safety skills taught every week 

Safe Facility Features

  • 30 years of a perfect A+ rating from the Cobb and Douglas Public Health Department
  • Three full-time Facility Maintenance Staff - always on site
  • The owner and Facility Manager are both Certified Pool Operators (CPO)
  • A state-of-the-art pool management system that tracks and notifies of any issues immediately
  • Life-saving equipment is easily accessible, maintained, and replenished as needed
  • 25 on-site CCTV Cameras
  • Heated pools to make sure lessons are comfortable and safe

We are proud of our Culture of Safety here at ASA! 

Life Skills Through Swim Skills
What is the ASA Way?


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