Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

Swimming is often thought to be just a summer activity but that isn't always true! For this reason, Atlanta Swim Academy, along with so many other facilities, have indoor pools open throughout the year. Swimming is a year-round sport and children are likely to experience significant benefits from taking advantage of this activity more than just a few months out of the year. While a 6-week swimming course may be a fun pass-time, retention of gained skills dramatically decreases and thus becomes less effective. If benefits of continuous classes and lessons are so evident – why not enroll your child in year-round classes? After all, kids who participate in year-round courses are proven to function at a higher level academically than their non-swimming peers. 

 According to a study performed by Griffith University, children age five and under from Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. far exceeded set milestones in several different areas:

  • Understanding Directions – 20 months ahead
  • Story Recall – 17 months ahead
  • Oral Expression – 11 months ahead
  • Mathematics – 6 months ahead
The above statistics don't even touch on the physical strength that children gained from participating in swim lessons. This goes beyond just water safety, but instead helps the child feel comfortable in the water and ultimately enjoy the benefits swimming provides. If a child only participates in swim lessons during the summer months, there is a chance he or she will regress, and a fear of water may resurface as they get out of practice. This is the last thing we want to happen as we strive for kids to feel comfortable in the water and for them to improve their skills instead of having to backtrack to get them reacquainted with the water.

Beyond the intellectual and physical benefits, swimming can also decrease anxiety and depression. Do your children get antsy during the winter when they can't play outside as much? No problem. Taking them to swim lessons will allow them to release their energy in the cold months, all while improving themselves academically and physically. Additionally, enjoying pool time with your child is excellent for promoting bonding between the parent and child.

For many parents, it's difficult to even consider investing their time and money in yet another extracurricular activity. However, this activity will benefit your child in ways that will affect them for the rest of their lives – and that's an investment worth making.

Do you want to enroll your child in year-round swim lessons? Check out our year-round group and private lessons or find out which swim class would be best for your child! Click here to learn more about Atlanta Swim Academy or contact us

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