Swimming in a Pandemic: How Atlanta Swim Academy Creates a Stress-Free Activity for Your Little Swimmers!

 Our little ones' lives were upended almost a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, canceled parties, and extracurricular activities. Young children dealt with massive routine changes and lost opportunities for socialization and exploration. How were we going to stay social, stay connected? How were we going to keep up a fulfilling, engaging, and dynamic life for our kiddos?! Little by little, we all started to get creative, started to find out what we decided was safe for our families. And Atlanta Swim Academy started building swim lessons for a pandemic.

Atlanta Swim Academy shut down for 10 weeks. During that time we kept our ear to the ground and our antenna up. We were determined to take care of our staff and to reopen as safely as possible. When we finally reopened on June 1st, we were excited, nervous, but mostly proud of our dedicated swim instructors. We are so thankful to have instructors that understand the importance of a safe and healthy environment AND water safety. (They also think swimming is awesome, too!) COVID Health and Safety is tantamount at ASA. Our instructors wear protective face shields and care deeply about protecting themselves while outside ASA. We require masks to be worn by all adults in the building. You can read all about our Health and Safety Precautions here. Check out the Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta video from the summer; we were having a blast! 

Swim lessons are beneficial and necessary even in non-pandemic times. Toddlers have a higher drowning risk than any other time in their life. That's why teaching water safety and a healthy respect for the water is literally life-saving. The drowning rate dramatically increased due to the pandemic, when families were more isolated, and around pools or lakes and with less supervision. Swim lessons are just one layer of protection to add to your water safety check list. If you are looking for a stress-free recreational activity, then ASA is it! It's low exposure here, with small groups or private lessons, and our instructors wear protective shields. Come twice a week or once a week to a 30-minute lesson and watch your swimmers' skills grow. Swim lessons at Atlanta Swim Academy can benefit your little swimmer in so many ways in addition to water safety! They'll get safe interaction with encouraging and caring instructors. They'll get socialization, skill development, safety, and accomplish swim goals! Come on back to swimming when you feel comfortable, we'll be here for you when you're ready!

Remember: Summer swimmers are made in the winter! ASA's classes are filling up and we want to make sure all little swimmers get a chance to enjoy swim lessons! 

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Saturday, 13 April 2024