Perks of New Swim Instructors

 As a parent, you have likely had dozens of teachers as you worked your way through schooling. You were probably taught history, math, English, and other subjects with a handful of other instructors. Each teacher had something new to offer you –new information, new energy, new rules, and this was a completely normal part of your schooling experience. Some teachers you loved, some weren't quite your favorite, but all contributed to the knowledge you have today. Swim lessons are very similar and there are many perks in swim instructor turnover.

With our focus being on providing quality swim lessons to infants 3 months old up to children 12 years of age, we have seen many parents get uncomfortable when their child has a new instructor. However, this isn't always a bad thing. Our instructors come from different stages of life, with many being high school and college students. We're proud of their efforts, but this also means their schedules may shift which may result in a change of your child's swim instructor. Fear not – there are many benefits to this rotation!


  1. Change is a necessary part of life, and your child will likely experience many relational changes. Understanding these changes and being able to adjust to them is a vital life skill that can help your child in the future.
  2. Sometimes it's easy for your child to get stuck in a rut with their swimming progress. A new set of eyes can help identify areas in which your child could improve.
  3. It's also a possibility that your child may have become too comfortable with his/her instructor. This can cause them to plateau in their progress because they don't feel the necessity to improve their skills.
  4. Lastly, it may be as simple as your child responding to one personality better than another. A shift in instructor may give your student a chance to interact with an instructor who has a personality that better compliments the student's learning style. You never know what could inspire that "ah-ha!" moment for your swimmer.

Instructor Requirements

While all of these factors play into a child's success, we still make sure that each of our instructors are taught the "ASA way" through quality training for our swim teachers. This creates an environment in which every child receives the same level of instruction. When we onboard a new instructor, the training supervisor makes sure all of our students are receiving the same product, and all of our instructors are following the same system guidelines. We are incredibly dedicated to ensuring your child will receive thorough and effective swim lessons.

We hope this gives you insight as to the benefits of your children being involved in swim lessons with different instructors. Our team is eager to give your child the skills he or she needs to learn to swim and hopefully gain a passion for competitive swim one day.

We are so thankful for our students and their parents. If you have any concerns regarding a change in instructor, please contact us.

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Thursday, 30 May 2024