When to Start Swim Lessons: Benefits of Starting Young

As with most things in life, there are many opinions as to what age children should start swim lessons. We want to offer the benefits of starting your children with swim lessons young and our philosophy as to why we are overjoyed to see parents bringing future little swimmers for swim classes. Ultimately, it's the choice of the parent to decide what they feel is best for their child, but we certainly hope you will look into how we can help your child develop the foundation they need for water safety and skills.

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to the optimal age to begin swim lessons, but it's our personal belief that the younger your kids begin swim classes, the more benefits they will reap. At Atlanta Swim Academy, we begin when they are only 3-5 months old. Babies that participate in our Baby Splash class have the opportunity to enjoy the water in the safety of their parents' arms while simultaneously beginning to build the foundation for more advanced swimming skills later on in life. 

Water Acclimation & Safety

Water acclimation is one of the primary benefits of starting swim classes young. We want our very youngest students to grow up being confident in the water and expose them to pool time early in life. This exposure to fun water activities will also begin the process of instilling rules for water safety. As they progress through various classes, we teach lessons such as waiting for permission before entering the pool, proper entry methods to reduce the risk of injury, and other such guidelines to help the child develop boundaries and self-control around water. These rules are continuously enforced while introducing new skills and exercises for your children to complete. 

Helps with Asthma

Did you know that asthma affects 1 in 11 children? There are so many who are left behind in P.E., recess, and sports, because their asthma significantly limits their capacity for physical activity. Does swimming help with asthma? Swimming not only gives asthmatic children a great option for a sport/extracurricular physical activity, but it can even improve the child's ability to control their breathing. According to the American Lung Association, asthma occurs because the airways in the lungs are often swollen or inflamed. When you breathe in "triggers" (i.e. cold air, dust, smoke, etc.), the airway continues to swell even more. Swimming is a great option because the humidity can help with the dryness that can so often trigger an asthma attack. Having the ability to hold your breath is a skill taught in swim lessons. This skill can expand the child's lung capacity and aid in developing more breath control which in turn can help an asthmatic child gain some control over the excessive swelling that occurs with uncontrolled intake of air. 

Mental Capabilities

While this was discussed thoroughly in our previous blog, the benefits are significant enough that we want to emphasize again how swim lessons/classes can improve your child's life and skillset, especially when they begin this process at an early age. They outperform their peers in areas such as math, understanding directions, and story recall. Apart from academics, they are able to gain great physical strength while they're gaining cognitive skills.

We want the best for our students, and we truly believe that starting to build the foundation for swim safety and skills at a young age is beneficial to their overall well-being. Our instructors are lifeguard and CPR certified, as well as specially trained on how to safely and effectively work with young swimmers.

If you would like to learn more about what classes we offer, click here or call us 770-973-3120 for any questions you may have! 

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