We have had a great expierence with ASA , our son has made great progress. Your instructors have a great deal of TLC and patience! They explain the lesson in great detail and include fun games for the kids. We LOVE them!

Bob and Joyce R

Attending ASA has been great!!! We have three young children ages 4,6, and 8. We love the personal attention each has received. The instructors have sooo much patience. They all provide encouragement and help in every way they can. We have one more still to go for lessons, we highly recommend you experience a first class academy.

Brenda B

 I have both my children, Jordan (6) and Taylor (3), in swim lessons with Meg on Sundays. She is a great instructor and teaches the kids on the level they understand. She uses submarines sounds to get them to go under water, characters to help them jump in, and cute songs for the water drills.They both attended the spring break swim camp and in 2 months of lessons and one week of swim camp, Jordan (6) who had to use floats and unsure of herself, is now swimming underwater and is on a swim team in our neighborhood. Taylor (3) was afraid of the water and now gets in (with her float) and plays in deep water without fear. She loves her swim lessons and can swim across the pool with floats.Both children had 6 weeks of lessons at the YMCA and did not progress in the swimming ability. Every time I speak with anyone about swimming lessons, I highly recommend you. I cannot say enough on how much my children have learned in such a short amount of time. Thank you and your great staff!

Carol R

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Hadley’s Seahorses class on Sunday mornings. We have been taking lessons for a few years now and have had a hand full of teachers at ASA. Most have been wonderful. Meg is truly one of our favorites! I was not sure if anyone could do as good a lesson as she does. We have been nothing but pleased with Ashkon. He does an amazing job of engaging the children and making them feel comfortable. His style is so professional, yet energetic and fun. The children learn a lot from him each week and look forward to his lessons. He is truly top notch! His approach is so upbeat and encouraging. I know that you know what a wonderful instructor he is, but wanted you to know that we really appreciate him and this caliber of teacher. His knowledge is second to none and his ability to explain and teach new skills is impressive. We are seeing lots of improvement in her skills thanks to him. She is gaining confidence and really enjoys each new skill that he introduces. Thanks for employing such wonderful instructors!! We are so impressed with Ashkon. Best regards,

Carolyn A.

Atlanta Swim Academy is awesome!! My daughter has been enrolled for the past 3 years and I have been enrolled for the last year. My daughter is a fish with legs and she has excelled tremendously in her swimming abilities. 
Thanks to the expert tutelage of the exceptional instructors at ASA. Atlanta Swim Academy is like a second family to my daughter and me. 

Chaun & Courtney W

We are so happy with the swimming skills our boys have gained over the past two years. Thanks to ASA's motivated and enthusiastic coaches, our special needs son has overcome his fear of water and can now swim independently, an accomplishment we never imagined possible.

Chris and Laura S

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on staff at ASA! It is obvious you have achieved excellence within your industry! I cannot thank you enough for what you have been able to teach our daughter in such a short period of time (a little over 2 years)!

Please let Coach know what he provides is quality swim lessons with a true heart that goes into what he does! My daughter has made fast friends and we have seen great improvement as he fine tunes the basics!! Our family is so pleased with her progress under his instruction and will be more confident going into the summer!

Again thank you for everything...you provide an atmosphere of quality everyday!!

Christy S

We have trusted Atlanta Swim Academy with the swimming instruction of our children for years. We have used many of the instructors, as our schedule changes throughout the year. All are very knowledgeable, great with the children, and lend consistency in teaching focus. Yet each does things differently enough that our kids benefit from a change in perspective.

The office staff are very friendly, courteous, and work very diligently to find just the right class/instruction time to best fit our busy schedule! The facility is very clean and well-maintained. ASA has a very well-stocked retail store and spacious play/eating/study area for swimmers and/or siblings to use while waiting.

My children feel very much at home at ASA. We look forward to swimming here for many years to come.

Courtney R

Thank you for hosting the Family Fun Fair. We had a wonderful time. Just one more reason to think so highly of your swimming program. Monica and William have taken lessons with you for almost two years and have both thrived in their abilities. Monica has enjoyed it so much she has expressed an interest in finding a swim team for the summer. They love and trust your instructors who clearly know what they are doing in the pool. As a parent I'm amazed at how quickly they take a child afraid of water to being able to swim the pool's length on their own. They do so without losing their patience and building trust. They all seem to love their work. Your support staff has always been friendly and I appreciate how accommodating they can be when a problem has comes up.

David, Christine, Monica & William F

Collin has been teaching my 7 year old in private lessons since last fall. My son has Aspergers. Collin has been a wonderful instructor with him, with a great balance of kindness and sternness that he needs.

Elizabeth A.

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